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In a groundbreaking collaboration between two powerhouse sporting codes in Papua New Guinea, the SP PNG Hunters and AFL PNG have joined forces to elevate kicking skills in rugby league. Conducted by Patrick Lloyd, representing PNG Muruks, the training sessions mark a collaborative moment in cross-code cooperation, showcasing a commitment to innovation and athletic development.

Key Highlights:

Precision and Accuracy: AFL PNG’s expertise imparts crucial insights into precision and accuracy, enriching the SP PNG Hunters’ kicking game.

Power and Distance: Lessons in generating power and distance, crucial in Australian Rules Football, provide the Hunters strategic advantages on the rugby league field.

Adaptability: A collaborative approach fosters adaptability, benefiting both teams as they navigate the nuances of different sporting codes.

Patrick Lloyd, PNG Muruks representative and lead instructor, remarked, “The improvement the boys have shown from our first session is commendable. With dedicated practice, I believe they will only get better, adding a new dimension to their playing style.”

Lloyd envisions a future of continued collaboration, stating, “This partnership sets a precedent, and I can see more cross-code collaborations happening in the future.” 

It’s a win-win for both sports and a testament to the potential for growth and innovation within Papua New Guinea’s sporting landscape.

This partnership not only enhances individual skills but sets a precedent for cross-code collaboration in the pursuit of athletic excellence. The involvement of Patrick Lloyd from PNG Muruks adds a dynamic element to the training, further strengthening the ties between PNG’s premier sporting entities.

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