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Seal Kalo, the formidable front rower for the PNG Hunters, has been dealt a significant blow this season. The powerful and dynamic player, known for his resilience and strength on the field, has unfortunately suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in the match against the Mackay Cutters, ending his 2024 campaign.

Kalo’s absence is a substantial loss for the PNG Hunters. His presence in the front row has been a cornerstone of the team’s defense and attacking plays. Known for his robust tackling and ability to break through defensive lines, Kalo’s injury leaves a considerable void in the squad. Teammates and coaches alike have expressed their support and concern, acknowledging both the physical and emotional toll such an injury can have on a player of Kalo’s caliber.

The path to recovery from an ACL injury is often strenuous and demanding. Kalo’s journey began yesterday with successful surgery in Australia under the watchful eye of one of Australia’s best known knees surgeons who also operated on SP PNG Hunters teammate Epel Kapinias earlier this year.

Post-surgery, he will embark on a meticulous rehabilitation program tailored to restore strength, stability, and functionality to his knee. This rehabilitation will involve a combination of physiotherapy, strength training, and potentially other therapeutic modalities to ensure a comprehensive recovery. Similarly to Kapinias he will receive high level support from the Dolphins NRL medical staff as well as day to day guidance from our own SP PNG Hunters expert medical team.

Despite the setback, Kalo remains optimistic about his future in the sport. The year-long break, although challenging, provides an opportunity for the front rower to focus on aspects of his physical conditioning that might be neglected during the regular season grind. This period can be used to build overall strength, improve flexibility, and enhance his understanding of the game from a different perspective.



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