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Morea Morea’s journey towards a full recovery from his ankle injury continues to show encouraging signs as he advances through the final stages of his rehabilitation program. Morea visited a specialist in Brisbane, Australia earlier this week for a comprehensive review of his progress as well as a check in with NRL medical staff from the Dolphins NRL franchise to assess his suitability to return to play.

“The Dolphins NRL physio, Sam Madden was extremely happy with how Morea has progressed,” said Head of Football Operations Tommy Butterfield who escorted Morea on the trip.

“His conditioning, his strength, his range of movement and overall is good. He is happy for Morea to make a return this weekend in the Digicel-ExxonMobil Cup with limited game time.”

“Sam also wanted to congratulate the medical & rehabilitation staff of the SP PNG Hunters for the great job they’ve done with Morea following his ankle injury.”

In an exciting update, Morea has been cleared to participate in the Digicel Exxonmobil Cup as a way to regain match fitness before undertaking the rigours of the Hostplus Cup Competition. Under the close supervision of the medical staff, and limited game time Morea will have the opportunity to regain his competitive edge while ensuring his safety and well-being on the field.

Similarly, Epel Kapinias’ progress after his 3-month post-surgery review is positive. He is recovering well, prompting adjustments to his rehab program to tailor it to the next phase of his recovery journey. Like Morea Morea, Kapinias journeyed to Brisbane to meet with his surgeon to check in on his progess.

“The Surgeon was more than happy with how Epel is progressing post-surgery, he will follow up with medical and head of performance to review and update his program to keep his recovery on track,” said Tommy Butterfield, PNG Hunters Head of Football Operations.

As both Morea and Epel continue their journeys toward full recovery, their resilience serves as an inspiration to athletes everywhere. With each step forward, they bring hope not only for their own return to sport but also for the countless others facing similar challenges.

In other SP PNG Hunter’s casualty ward news, there are several other players still unavailable for selection due to injury.

Hunters Casualty Ward

  1. Sakias Komati – Shoulder
  2. Manisa Kai – Shoulder
  3. Clent Lama – Ankle
  4. Epel Kapinias – Knee
  5. Trevor Solu – Knee

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