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Morea Morea cleared to train.  

Morea has shown great resilience in recovery over the past couple of months, receiving approval from his surgeon to initiate a Return To Play program.  

Over the last month, Morea has focused on improving functional mobility and strength. These elements are crucial for rugby league players, directly influencing on-field performance. Functional mobility ensures efficient movement, while strength training is essential for preventing future injuries and maintaining peak athletic condition. 

Collaborating closely with the Team Physio and Head of Performance has been key to Morea’s successful recovery. This teamwork ensures a tailored and comprehensive rehabilitation plan that aligns with Morea’s unique needs as a rugby league player.

The rehabilitation program is a structured process for athletes to be safely reintegrate back into their sport. Morea’s clearance to begin this program is a testament to his disciplined rehabilitation approach and adherence to the medical team’s advice. As he gradually resumes running and other sport-specific activities, his progress will be closely monitored to ensure a smooth and sustainable return to competitive rugby League.

Morea Morea’s journey from injury to recovery is a story of resilience and determination. His clearance not only signifies a personal victory but also highlights the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between athletes and their medical teams. As Morea prepares to re-join the SP PNG Hunters on the field, rugby league enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing his triumphant return to the game he loves.

For more information, please contact SP PNG Hunters media team. 




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