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The 2024 season for the SP PNG Hunters kicked off their season today with great excitement at the Stanley Hotel and Suites. Coach Paul Aiton proudly unveiled his 30-man squad amidst esteemed guests and sponsors of the Hunters.

Coach Paul Aiton, after navigating his inaugural preseason, said he was proud of how the players and staff navigated a tough and enduring pre-season period. He’s extremely pleased with how the squad has come together and is looking forward to Rd 1 next weekend.

Here’s your SP PNG Hunters for 2024:

1. Morea Morea

2. Sanny Wabo

3. Solo Wane

4. Brendon Nima

5. Elijah Roltinga

6. Robert Mathias

7. Clent Lama

8. Gairo Voro

9. Zachariah Selu

10. Jamie Mavoko

11. Joshua Lau

12. Sakias Komate

13. Judah Rimbu

14. Tapia Solu

15. Finlay Glare

16. Whallan Tau-Loi

17. Junior Talin

18. Seal Kalo

19. Junior Rop

20. Jordan Pat

21. Anthony Worot

22. Koso Bandi

23. Manase Kai

24. Weiyah Koi

25. Valentine Culligan

26. Joshua Mire

27. Ila Alu

28. Wendle Kipsy

29. Bruce Bawase

30. Alex Max

The SP PNG Hunter host the Wynnum-Manly Seagulls next weekend in Round 1 of the 2024 Hostplus Cup season.

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Papua New Guinea's team participating in the Queensland Hostplus Cup

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